Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Do you have an idea for a business or career change? Maybe it’s a fitness goal, maybe you’d like to be a better husband/wife/mother/father.

A friend gave me a book titled “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The four characters, two of which were mice named Sniff and Scurry along with two tiny people named Hem and Haw live in a maze. In the story these characters come upon a stash of cheese and are living the high life until one day the cheese runs out. Sniff and Scurry move on in search of new cheese while Hem and Haw remain behind believing the cheese will miraculously reappear. Eventually Haw comes to his senses and joins the mice search for a new stash while Hem is stuck in his “comfort zone”. While not an aha kinda of book, it was a great use of metaphors to help readers relate to their own journeys.

No amount of worry or regret will ever change a thing, only action. No one ever hit a fitness goal, got that new job or met their soul mate by sitting around day dreaming about it.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Run as far as you can even if it’s just to the neighbors mailbox, you’ll run further tomorrow. Start that business. Meet new people. Stop making excuses and get out of your comfort zone. You may enjoy the excitement and challenge more than you think.

Martin Luther King, Jr. nailed it with this quote “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Too many times we get bogged down with the A-Z details never even tackling A! We can drive from the Carolina’s to California at night only seeing a few hundred feet in front of us. The same is true for our goals. Don’t think about losing 50 pounds but instead start with losing a 1/2 pound! It took you years to put it on so you won’t take it off overnight! Make small achievable goals so each time you reach them you build momentum for the next.

We were born with the ability to make choices. Will you let obstacles in life’s labyrinth block you or lift you up? What will you do today; Take Action or Dream About It?

Hard Work, Pays Off!

Written by: Gene Williams