The World Wide Web has blossomed into an invaluable resource since its original launch date in 1991. A quick search for project ideas yields thousands of results.

Projects that would’ve taken countless hours of research, hundreds of dollars spent on training and expensive software, now may be accomplished for much less, or even FREE!

The open source movement has allowed users to download (for FREE) software that mimics name brand software, allowing end users to use their products without expensive licensing agreements. This is especially useful for anyone bootstrapping a new business!

Inkscape is one such software I’ve personally downloaded and used with great success. I used Inkscape to design this Superman themed wall hanging for my grandson Skyler. 

Once the design was completed to my satisfaction, it was printed on regular printer paper, then a projector was used to increase the size by transferring the design onto white freezer paper (non waxed side). I used spray adhesive to adhere the design to the MDF project board and cut the design out using a jigsaw.  

Once all the peices were cut, I removed the paper, beveled the edges with a 1/4″ bevel router bit, and sanded it all smooth. After insuring the finish was satisfactory, all parts were cleaned, primed & ready for paint.

Final colors were sprayed on using high gloss enamel paint for an extra shiny finish.

The blue border was then hand painted using a lettering quil from my Dad’s sign painting kit. (That’ll be a story in of itself!)

After the border was dry, the parts were assembled using double stick tape and silicone.   This is just one example of the possibilities with open source software. Name brand design software cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, sidelining your project before it ever gets past the “design” phase.

What could you create knowing there are open source software programs at your disposal? Get started today; being creative only cost you time, whereas not doing so will leave you saying “WHAT IF” to your dreams of creativity!

Share your projects/ideas with us!

Remember: Hard Work, Pays Off!

Written by: Gene Williams