Ok, photoshoot may be the wrong word, it was more like me playing with my son Joshua in his room; him with his newest set of hot wheels and Dad with his new Samsung Galaxy Note.

I’d already been marveling at all the Galaxy had to offer, especially in comparison to Apple’s iPhone, and questioning why I hadn’t made the switch sooner. Maybe because I was in my comfort zone and unwilling to make the change. Guess I should follow my own advice in Do Something About It.

The Galaxy was able to take these close up photos without the assistance of a tripod, and I was able to change the field of view without distorting or loosing the surrounding components. I highly recommend attempting some photos of your own.


Once the photos are captured, the Galaxy has many effect options to consider; making the decision for the final presentation a challenge.


The cartoon effect is great for a little boys room.


Or maybe choose the grayscale option to prevent the rooms theme colors from clashing with the photo.

The effects options are plentiful, however if you don’t see one you like, there’s even an option to download additional effects.

There are many sites to choose from when you’re ready to print your photos. Snapfish, Shutterfly, Mpix, Adorma Pix & Costco’s Photocenter are some of the more popular sites.

Once you have your prints in hand you can purchase or make some DIY frames.

Happy picture taking!

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Written by; Gene Williams

Hard Work, Pays Off