While attending an insurance conference in Minneapolis, a local resturant called Keys was recommended by the hotel staff. I prefer to dine at local establishments whenever possible versus chain resturants which are a dime a dozen. 

Keys resturant was founded in 1973 by Barbara Hunn. Her resturant became a life long career for her, her four children and their spouses. They grew the business and expanded into nine locations across Mineapolis & St. Paul.  Keys at Foshay is located in downtown Mineapolis.

I found the staff to be incredibly hospitable and the service was excellent. They’re known for their breakfast omelets which they serve all day. I ordered their  Key Everything omelet which comes stuffed with ham, bacon, sausgae,  Italian sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, broccoli & califlower. It’s served with a side of hash browns, twelve grain toast and their homemade strawberry jam.


The omelet was fantastic, the jam on the toast had a very distinct & crisp taste that complimented the grain flavor like the pairing was made for one another. I highly recommend Keys if you’re ever visiting the Mineapolis/St Paul area.

Keys is fortunate to have a loyal employee named Karen with whom I was able to discuss her story while I enjoyed my meal. A friend of Karen’s introduced her to Carol (one of the founders daughters) who put her to work washing dishes. Soon after Karen became pregnant and wanted to provide a better life for her child. Carol gave her a shot at waitressing which ultimately did provide the needed income for her to raise her daughter. Karen gleams with pride as she shares that her daughter is now 28 and very successful.

Karen admits she did leave to try corporate work for a few years but decided it wasn’t for her. She had a desire to earn a  horticulture degree; waitressing for the Keys allowed her to attend the University of Minnesota and complete that dream. Due to the harsh winters and seasonal work for her landscaping & design business, waitressing/managing for the Keys in the evenings allows her to do both successfully. 

Karen has been with the Keys for an astonishing thirty years. We just don’t hear of that kind of loyalty in our current culture of quick paced, get what you can get and get it now.

Thanks for the hospitality and great eats Sarah and Karen. May God continue to bless you, your families and all your endeavors.

Hard Work, Pays Off!

Gene Williams