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November 2016

Another I.M.O.

The In Memory Of’s (I.M.O.) get more frequent as we age. As I reflect on today’s passing of one of my dad’s old biker brothers named Jimmy George (far left in photo), I can’t help but conjure up memories of visiting the George residence. 

As soon as you arrived there was adventure awaiting. The old general store out front of their place was stationed by a man as old as the store itself. Candy bar wrappers were covered in dust, coke bottles had deposites required. For a kid in the seventies, it was a treat to be given a dollar to go waste out front of the George residence and hear stories the old man was willing to share while you munched on stale candy and flat cokes.

Out back was a junkyard; but to daydreaming boys and girls it was heaven. A place to bust windows without punishment and adventure abounded with every new find. Treks deeper into the woods lead to lakes which yielded activities for kids, like skipping rocks or fishing. Dads motorcycle club (Custom Riders) had many adventures there to include lakeside parties and even weddings. 

I recall one such visit which we were cleaning up around the lake in preparation  for an outing with the club, Dad dove into the lake to cool off and lost his glasses. Many people took turns diving for them, but if memory serves me correctly they were never found.

Mom and Dad often say there is no way I should be able to remember these outings, and I stun them with the accuracy in which I recall the details of this and many memories from my childhood.

I will forever cherish the childhood memories I have of the adventures in and around the George residence. 

To the George family I’d like to extend my deepest condolences and wish you all wisdom, discernment, peace, and comfort during this time of grievance. May God bless you and your family now and in the future. 

Son of Shady – Gene Williams 


New Crafts Ready!

My wife and I have been working on some craft ideas and have a few ready to be sold. 

The “Family” were hand cut and painted/stained and are perfect for hanging above portraits. 1= Red oak stain, 1= Bermuda Bay chalk paint, 1= Flat Black (we can make and paint custom words and colors, contact us for details)

Here’s a sample of a custom order:

The aqua panel with hooks is a vintage drawer face which was chalk painted, then distressed and hooks added, it has picture hanging hooks on back and is ready to be installed.
The vintage window has been chalk painted, chicken wire added and an interchangeable wreath  hanger which is perfect for any season, it too comes with a picture hanging mount ready to be installed.

You may contact us for these and any other ideas at 

We thank you in advance for your interest.

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