It’s been awhile since I’ve written, not for lack of having content by no means, a lot has happened the last five months. 

In October of 2016 I was hospitalized with a heart attack that by God’s grace was minor and correctable with only medication. That same month I resigned from the position I held as VP with an independent insurance adjusting firm in order to reduce stress levels and heal. It wasn’t long before I realized I had to get back in the game because the bills were still coming but not the income. I was given an opportunity to help review claims for Hurricane Mathew in North Carolina and left home mid November and have been here since. 

While being up here working hurricane claims, my family endured a house fire and we now have a claim of our own to handle back home. Luckily my wife was also an adjuster so she understands the process. 

I’ve been able to get many miles of hiking in while here, helping the healing process. Having ample time on my hands I’ve also listened to almost 40 audio books. I’ve  been attending a local church and have established an away from home faith family. I’ve even been working on a start up business while here which is extremely close to being launched. 

That gets us pretty caught up to date so we can move onto the purpose for this article’s title. 

This morning I was awoken at 3:45 by a new hotel guest attempting to enter their room, having issues with the magnetic reader and dog barking. No worries, I decided to get on up, start my morning routine of pushups, squats, protien shake, shower and head of  up to Chick-fil-A where I could enjoy a cup of Joe while accessing their free wifi to work on my website content. 

I sat enjoying the atmosphere, praise and worship instrumentals playing over their resturant wide sound system, the suns light cresting over the horizon in the eastern sky, and COFFEE, when I noticed two women approaching the booth in front of me. They placed their things to secure what I considered the only other pristine seat in the house other than mine, and hurried about to gather their orders and return. 

Upon returning, the ladies prayed without fear of persecution over their meal, I politely bowed my head as they prayed, then went about my work. Although I wasn’t eavesdropping I could hear that they were holding bible study. There were times that I’d have to read aloud what I was attempting to articulate just to focus, I love hearing the word and how it transforms our lives.

At one point towards the end of my time there, they began to pray for discernment. As they did, the verse in Mathew (18:20) came alive in my thoughts; For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them. I could strongly sense the Holy Spirit in that moment, my eyes welled and I was showered with love, peace and confidence. About the same time the prayer suddenly stopped, and praises for the answers she was given by the great couselor were expressed aloud.

I quietly put away my laptop, gathered my belongings, and left for work. I didn’t make it far, maybe a half mile when the Holy Spirit got me again and said you should have spoken to those sisters. Com’on,  I argued to myself, get to work early as always, don’t interrupt them.

He the reminded me of my ambition to be a part of a clickless Church, one where everyone else is welcome, and here are two sisters living it out, go hear their story!

If you’ve ever been convicted by the Holy Spirit, you know He won’t stop, so I turned around! Driving back my thoughts are all over the board, but I’m being obedient, right.

I politely walked to the table and asked them to forgive me for interrupting their study time, and explained that I had been sitting in the booth behind them, told them what had transpired while I was there during their prayer time and how I was under conviction to come back.

I wanted to thank them for the example they were setting in the marketplace. Their Obedient Unity as Sisters in Christ’s body was evident.  Carol (pictured left) and Linda (R) went on to share how their church was multicultural with 58 countries represented. I thanked them for sharing, snapped a photo and headed on into work with a blessing, divine intervention? I beleive so!

This afternoon I was reading  a verse that I had studied several years ago while researching clickless churches.

1 John 2:2 (KJV)

And He is the propitiation for our sins and not ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

Let’s break this verse down and see what it is and isn’t saying!

“He”= Jesus Christ

“is the”= only one, not plural, it doesn’t say “is one of the.”

“propitiation”= (of an angry God) Appeasing or averting God’s wrath and Justice for our sins. Atonement is another definition, the NIV bible version  reads “atoning sacrifice.” Taken  from the Greek word “hilamos” which means “The Ark of the Covenant” and/or “The gift which pecures propitiation.” And hilamos comes from the Hebrew word “kapporeth” which means “covering.” 

Thankfully by God’s grace, Jesus paid our sin debt!

“our sins”= insert your name “Gene Williams”

“but not for ours only”= it didn’t stop at “our sin” the verse goes on leading us to who else the Atoning Sacrifice is extended. 

“but also for the sins of the whole world”= the verse doesn’t read “but also for the sins of the white people.” Nor does it read only for black people, Asian people, rich people, poor people, Dr’s, bikers, lawyers or PA’s (Public Adjusters; for my insurance colleagues, yes we must love them too). No, it doesn’t read any of those, it says “THE WHOLE WORLD.”

I must ask this;  why then are we still segregated? 

How can we as Christ’s body be the hope for a dying world divided? 

I circle this in prayer: I pray for OBEDIENT UNITY across God’s kingdom, that He’d be gloried in ALL we do and he’s blessings for our obedience would rain down on us all. – Amen

If I can pray anything specific for anyone of you (yes, even PA’s) please reach out to me at: 

God Bless!