Have you ever heard someone say they had “heard from God”? Or maybe someone say “I’m sharing this message from God”? Did you doubt their sincerity? I must confess I have. However, I’m going to share how I was convicted over that doubt this week.

As I lay awake struggling with decisions about an upcoming Mission Trip, the question arose, why me, who am I to go, I was letting doubt in… and honestly it was winning. So I tried to change my mindset and moved onto another subject, God had other plans. This question came to me without hesitation; do you really believe what you say you believe? If you believe the bible is the true word of God, and the bible says God created the heavens and earth, that he created us in his likeness, and that all gifts come from him, then wouldn’t my ideas, my inspirations, my writings come from him as messages sent straight out of heaven itself?

Now, here’s where the immediate conflict comes in, if you’re like me, and let doubt creep in, then you may say things like; he just wants a follower, a like, a share, to go viral, or a mired of other doubts. Oh friend, I struggled with the same question, however Gods words from the bible became crystal clear, do not let the devils schemes keep you from sharing my name & message with the world. (Ephesians 6:11)

So, this imperfect, good-ol-boy from Georgia is opening his heart and sharing the message and idea I received from God himself; not for my own glorification, but to be obedient and to submit to God’s authority so that all the glory be to God and his kingdom! If only one person reads this and receives a blessing, deeper understanding or even better, comes to know Christ, the bible says all the angels of heaven would rejoice over even one. (Luke 15:10)

The bible is full of parables. I chuckled as God gave me this one; me trying to hide my sins from God is like trying to hide a bowling ball behind a piece of thread! It’s impossible, and as my Pastor reminded me, God knows the sins we’ll commit even five years from now. You can try to wrap the thread around the bowling ball until it’s completely covered, however you’re still left with the weight of a bowling ball (sin). GOD’S GRACE IS WHAT COVERS SIN!

I thought about chunking or slinging a bowling bowl and how liberating that is sometimes to just chunk it as hard as you can down the lane, it’s the same way with sin, once we confess it, it’s gone, just like that bowling ball down the lane! (1 John 1:9)

Hence the title of the post, Slinging Sin and the preceding game idea for small groups, bible studies, date nights, etc. I downloaded a bowling score-sheet in excel and altered it to include a spot for participants to record not only their score, but also to record a confessed sin.



Here’s how it works. At the start of each frame the player will pick up their bowling ball, turn to their group, confess a sin then SLING THAT SUCKER!

Facilitators: share examples of sin that may be preventing a deeper relationship with Christ. Sin is sin in any form, however in order to have participants feel safe, start off with surface sins, sins we encounter on a daily basis; anger, fear, un-forgiveness, idolatry etc. As the game progresses participants may feel comfortable enough to confess deeper sins and/or reach out to you in more private setting.

The ultimate goal is to release ourselves from the weight of sin and live a life eternal with Christ. (Romans 6:23)

Enjoy the game, and remember all gifts are from God and to him goes all the glory!

Written by: Gene Williams

Hard Work, Pays Off!

Here’s the scorecard for download in excel or PDF formats;

Slinging Sin Scorecard xls

Slinging Sin Score Card pdf