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Samsung Galaxy Photoshoot


Ok, photoshoot may be the wrong word, it was more like me playing with my son Joshua in his room; him with his newest set of hot wheels and Dad with his new Samsung Galaxy Note.

I’d already been marveling at all the Galaxy had to offer, especially in comparison to Apple’s iPhone, and questioning why I hadn’t made the switch sooner. Maybe because I was in my comfort zone and unwilling to make the change. Guess I should follow my own advice in Do Something About It.

The Galaxy was able to take these close up photos without the assistance of a tripod, and I was able to change the field of view without distorting or loosing the surrounding components. I highly recommend attempting some photos of your own.


Once the photos are captured, the Galaxy has many effect options to consider; making the decision for the final presentation a challenge.


The cartoon effect is great for a little boys room.


Or maybe choose the grayscale option to prevent the rooms theme colors from clashing with the photo.

The effects options are plentiful, however if you don’t see one you like, there’s even an option to download additional effects.

There are many sites to choose from when you’re ready to print your photos. Snapfish, Shutterfly, Mpix, Adorma Pix & Costco’s Photocenter are some of the more popular sites.

Once you have your prints in hand you can purchase or make some DIY frames.

Happy picture taking!

Share your results with us at:

Written by; Gene Williams

Hard Work, Pays Off


Slinging Sin!


Have you ever heard someone say they had “heard from God”? Or maybe someone say “I’m sharing this message from God”? Did you doubt their sincerity? I must confess I have. However, I’m going to share how I was convicted over that doubt this week.

As I lay awake struggling with decisions about an upcoming Mission Trip, the question arose, why me, who am I to go, I was letting doubt in… and honestly it was winning. So I tried to change my mindset and moved onto another subject, God had other plans. This question came to me without hesitation; do you really believe what you say you believe? If you believe the bible is the true word of God, and the bible says God created the heavens and earth, that he created us in his likeness, and that all gifts come from him, then wouldn’t my ideas, my inspirations, my writings come from him as messages sent straight out of heaven itself?

Now, here’s where the immediate conflict comes in, if you’re like me, and let doubt creep in, then you may say things like; he just wants a follower, a like, a share, to go viral, or a mired of other doubts. Oh friend, I struggled with the same question, however Gods words from the bible became crystal clear, do not let the devils schemes keep you from sharing my name & message with the world. (Ephesians 6:11)

So, this imperfect, good-ol-boy from Georgia is opening his heart and sharing the message and idea I received from God himself; not for my own glorification, but to be obedient and to submit to God’s authority so that all the glory be to God and his kingdom! If only one person reads this and receives a blessing, deeper understanding or even better, comes to know Christ, the bible says all the angels of heaven would rejoice over even one. (Luke 15:10)

The bible is full of parables. I chuckled as God gave me this one; me trying to hide my sins from God is like trying to hide a bowling ball behind a piece of thread! It’s impossible, and as my Pastor reminded me, God knows the sins we’ll commit even five years from now. You can try to wrap the thread around the bowling ball until it’s completely covered, however you’re still left with the weight of a bowling ball (sin). GOD’S GRACE IS WHAT COVERS SIN!

I thought about chunking or slinging a bowling bowl and how liberating that is sometimes to just chunk it as hard as you can down the lane, it’s the same way with sin, once we confess it, it’s gone, just like that bowling ball down the lane! (1 John 1:9)

Hence the title of the post, Slinging Sin and the preceding game idea for small groups, bible studies, date nights, etc. I downloaded a bowling score-sheet in excel and altered it to include a spot for participants to record not only their score, but also to record a confessed sin.



Here’s how it works. At the start of each frame the player will pick up their bowling ball, turn to their group, confess a sin then SLING THAT SUCKER!

Facilitators: share examples of sin that may be preventing a deeper relationship with Christ. Sin is sin in any form, however in order to have participants feel safe, start off with surface sins, sins we encounter on a daily basis; anger, fear, un-forgiveness, idolatry etc. As the game progresses participants may feel comfortable enough to confess deeper sins and/or reach out to you in more private setting.

The ultimate goal is to release ourselves from the weight of sin and live a life eternal with Christ. (Romans 6:23)

Enjoy the game, and remember all gifts are from God and to him goes all the glory!

Written by: Gene Williams

Hard Work, Pays Off!

Here’s the scorecard for download in excel or PDF formats;

Slinging Sin Scorecard xls

Slinging Sin Score Card pdf



Open Source

The World Wide Web has blossomed into an invaluable resource since its original launch date in 1991. A quick search for project ideas yields thousands of results.

Projects that would’ve taken countless hours of research, hundreds of dollars spent on training and expensive software, now may be accomplished for much less, or even FREE!

The open source movement has allowed users to download (for FREE) software that mimics name brand software, allowing end users to use their products without expensive licensing agreements. This is especially useful for anyone bootstrapping a new business!

Inkscape is one such software I’ve personally downloaded and used with great success. I used Inkscape to design this Superman themed wall hanging for my grandson Skyler. 

Once the design was completed to my satisfaction, it was printed on regular printer paper, then a projector was used to increase the size by transferring the design onto white freezer paper (non waxed side). I used spray adhesive to adhere the design to the MDF project board and cut the design out using a jigsaw.  

Once all the peices were cut, I removed the paper, beveled the edges with a 1/4″ bevel router bit, and sanded it all smooth. After insuring the finish was satisfactory, all parts were cleaned, primed & ready for paint.

Final colors were sprayed on using high gloss enamel paint for an extra shiny finish.

The blue border was then hand painted using a lettering quil from my Dad’s sign painting kit. (That’ll be a story in of itself!)

After the border was dry, the parts were assembled using double stick tape and silicone.   This is just one example of the possibilities with open source software. Name brand design software cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, sidelining your project before it ever gets past the “design” phase.

What could you create knowing there are open source software programs at your disposal? Get started today; being creative only cost you time, whereas not doing so will leave you saying “WHAT IF” to your dreams of creativity!

Share your projects/ideas with us!

Remember: Hard Work, Pays Off!

Written by: Gene Williams


What is your definition of Success? 

In order to experience true satisfaction of total success we must excel in seven areas: Physical, Family, Mental, Financial, Personal, Spiritual & Career. 

The “wheel of life” is balanced and running smoothly when each spoke is maintained & strengthened. Neglect just one of these areas and the other six are affected (imagine a flat spot on the wheel). Strengthen any weak areas, then the entire wheel becomes balanced & strong. 

Begin today in order to experience true success and remember;

Hard Work, Pays Off!

Reference/image credit: “Born to Win” by Zig Ziglar


The day I decided to try out for my middle school football team would be a pivotal moment for me then and far into adulthood.

My parents wire bikers; not in terms of 2016 bikers wherein which just owning a bike seems to make you a biker, but hardcore bikers, part of a motorcycle club and all. Most weekends were spent traveling with the club, which afforded us the chance to see the countryside and more!

I however longed for something more than those trips, more than the occasional yard ball game in the neighborhood, I yearned to be a part of an organized team.

So I did what I thought any eager boy would do, when tryouts came along I told my parents a lil white lie; I said that I’d missed the bus. I really had stayed after school and tried out for the football team. Of course my parents figured out the truth the next day when I supposedly missed the bus again. They allowed me to continue tryouts (after some stern conversation about telling the truth) and I ultimately made the team.

THE TEAM, turned out to be stacked with most of the counties best players. These guys made even an above average athlete look like a begginer.

I had been taught to always keep my eye on the ball, catch it no matter what was around me; to the tune of me face planting a pine tree when Dad tested my training by throwing the ball intentionally in the direction of that tree. I held onto the ball! I became quite good at catching the football, so naturally, being a boy, I dreamed of playing receiver and making the winning catch. That was never to be!

We practiced hard, and were coached well, and we played even harder. I practiced in many positions on both offensive and defensive lines (never receiver). I remember the practice I got to play defensive end, I was estattic!

WAIT, then it hit me, I’m supposed to contain the best running-back in the tri-county area?!?! Maybe they won’t run him to my side! …blue 42… hut, hut!

NO! NO! NO! Crap! They ran him to my side. Ok, remember your coaching, get off and away from the offensive end, step up and either force the running back to the sideline, or turn him inside where there’s help. That play seemed like it took forever, but lasted only seconds. I squared up to the running back and prepared for an open field tackle.

Dimetruis White ran slap over me, even threw a stiff arm to my chin cutting it wide open; it still bears the scar to this day from that pancake of a hit!

It was years later before I realized those practices were just as important as the game day wins. Our starting players gained valuable game time experiences from those practices where everyone went all out.

I never gave up, ran every play as hard as I knew how, ran every wind sprint all out, ran every lap as fast as I could. I only played a few seconds in games where we were ahead and sure to win.

Our team went undefeated ultimately winning the Tri-County Championship! Go Stewart Eagles!!!

The night of our football banquet couldn’t come fast enough! I remember looking over the room of almost 40 players, then catching a glance at the row of trophies on the stage; there were only a handful (6 or 7 at most) to be given to the most valuable players on offense and defense, most improved on offense and defense, and so on.

When coach began explaining the unsung hero award; the last thing I thought was that I’d be taking home one of those trophies, however he called my name as the Unsung Hero!

What an honor that was. That’s when I first learned and understood the concept of four words strung together; four words that I’ve shared over and over with everyone I’ve come in contact with since:


Written by: Gene Williams


Bench press is an awesome upper body exercise for putting on muscle in the chest, shoulders and arms. However, any lifter who’s benched for any length of time can attest to the torture it places on the rotator cuff’s. Enter the bamboo bar, also referred to as the earthquake bar due to the amount of oscillation that takes place while lowering and raising the bar while weights or kettlebells are dangling from the bar with elastic bands. Bamboo bars promote healthy joint function while forcing you to stabilize the bar during the lift. This is great for rehabbing shoulder injuries because the stabilizer muscles are firing more with this bar than with traditional oly bars.

This technique also promotes proper bar path and tempo due to Any misalignment of bar path or too much speed (this movement isn’t used for speed work) will cause additional oscillation which makes the lift nearly impossible. This would be a good time to inform you to put your ego in check! This movement doesn’t take much weight and should always be performed with the assistance of a spotter; try it for yourself and you’ll understand why it could easily be nicknamed “Nose Breaker” or “Widow Maker”!

Tip: If your gym isn’t equipped with bamboo bars try hanging the weights thru the handles as in the picture below. Leave a small space between the weights to give them enough room to move during the lift, this movement will mimic the bamboo bar and force your stabilizer muscles to fire in the same manner.

Hard Work Pays Off! Happy lifting!

Written by: Gene Williams


Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Do you have an idea for a business or career change? Maybe it’s a fitness goal, maybe you’d like to be a better husband/wife/mother/father.

A friend gave me a book titled “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The four characters, two of which were mice named Sniff and Scurry along with two tiny people named Hem and Haw live in a maze. In the story these characters come upon a stash of cheese and are living the high life until one day the cheese runs out. Sniff and Scurry move on in search of new cheese while Hem and Haw remain behind believing the cheese will miraculously reappear. Eventually Haw comes to his senses and joins the mice search for a new stash while Hem is stuck in his “comfort zone”. While not an aha kinda of book, it was a great use of metaphors to help readers relate to their own journeys.

No amount of worry or regret will ever change a thing, only action. No one ever hit a fitness goal, got that new job or met their soul mate by sitting around day dreaming about it.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Run as far as you can even if it’s just to the neighbors mailbox, you’ll run further tomorrow. Start that business. Meet new people. Stop making excuses and get out of your comfort zone. You may enjoy the excitement and challenge more than you think.

Martin Luther King, Jr. nailed it with this quote “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Too many times we get bogged down with the A-Z details never even tackling A! We can drive from the Carolina’s to California at night only seeing a few hundred feet in front of us. The same is true for our goals. Don’t think about losing 50 pounds but instead start with losing a 1/2 pound! It took you years to put it on so you won’t take it off overnight! Make small achievable goals so each time you reach them you build momentum for the next.

We were born with the ability to make choices. Will you let obstacles in life’s labyrinth block you or lift you up? What will you do today; Take Action or Dream About It?

Hard Work, Pays Off!

Written by: Gene Williams

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